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Attending prior international affairs, means that today will be spent trying to hunt down fucking E3 videos (we just don't trust your spin) and catching up with the good ol' Nintendo Channel. Fortunately, a paltry FOUR videos since last time means it'll all be over soon and we can get back to finding E3 videos.

  • Nintendo TV continues with episode two all about the 'Wii world cup'. This video feels oddly familiar pitting the Miis of various famous Englishmen against the Miis of various famous Germans in a five challenge in Wii Sports Resort, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, Mario Kart and Wii Fit Plus. Why don't you create your own Wii World Cup? Nice idea ONM but a credit would be nice next time Chris.
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 has a third trailer up on the channel. Fortunately, it's a medley of the all those bits you've no doubt seen before so don't worry about more spoilers. We get the point Nintendo. We'll buy it already. Christ on a bike.
  • Warioware: Do It Yourself Alex Neuse made it too. This genius micro-game making mini-series continues with Alex Neuse, the chap behind the series we love Bit Trip. This vid digs a tiny bit deeper into the mechanics of making a micro game. Such a simple idea, watch the Masters make a micro game and then download it. Have we said how much we like this series of videos already? See how they do it, play it and then do it yourself. Download Alex's micro game "Fire Bad!" now.
  • The quartet of new videos is completed with a Fieldrunners DSiWare Trailer From the video, Fieldrunners is what Advance Wars would look like if it was a tower defense game. Here endeth the sermon.
  • Whilst you are in the neighbourhood make sure to check out the DS Download Service. Sadly the Prince of Persia demo I meant to mention last week has been taken down already but there's one for Rooms The Main Building which is well worth checking out if, like me you thought the game looked interesting but wanted to try B4 u buy. Or more likely download with a boo hiss pirate device. Boo hiss indeed.


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