E3 Again

E3 again folks! E3 again! Want to see the games you'll be picking up for £10 in two months from now? Sure thing. Need some more ammunition to keep up those tired old 'console wars' between you and other moron-losers on the forum? Hey fuckface. It's Efunking3. Want to be told what shit you'll be eating next and exactly how to grin whilst you do it? Well then, you may have heard of a lil ol thing called E3.

Here's our how to guide:

1) Find the official live E3 presentation stream a Danish pirate stream that occupies a small 2 by 3 cm screen with six or seven pixels worth of definition, get some popcorn and settle in to watch the laggy presentations whilst clueless meatheads keep asking "So am I supposed to play Gears 3 standing up?" over and over and over again in between the indistinguishable Danish chit chat in the 'open chat box'.

2) Milliseconds after anyone says anything Alt tab to the one of the myriad of fora you have open and type in LOL. Nobody will know exactly what you were LOLLING in two minutes time but hey, at least you'll remember where you were during E3 2010. It's just such a shame you won't have any Granchildren to tell. Ever.

FUCK YOU E3 Whiskeys, blow jobs, brownies, satsumas whatever. We don't care. Anything to get us through it.

4) Follow the live tweet facebook blogging from all 40 of your favourite gaming blogs and yet still not really get a sense of who said what until EDGE write it up a month later.

E3, we can hardly wait.


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