Starlink: A Turret Called Gunny

Starlink: Battle For Atlas is a game we are playing and enjoying but the announcement that there seems to be some semi-substantial new content on the way in the recent Nintendo Direct put the fire up our butts to get it finished. As is typical for Ubisoft games this involves a lot of tidying up and clearing out busywork that in Starlink is fun enough with plenty of variety to stop it getting stale.

It was whilst doing this busywork on the planet Sonatus that we met Gunny, initially just a deployable turret we picked up to take some of the grind out of taking down enemy fortifications, uplinking satellites and hacking Legion data cores etc. However, what started as a relationship of convenience soon became a lifelong friendship... what started as a reluctant partnership soon became.. what started as an unlikely pairing with cultural differences... we became unusual but authentic friends... it's A BUDDY COP MOVIE OKAY. We made a buddy cop movie.

Meet Gunny or technically a [Starlink Wiki technical name for this turret]

We went here

We went there

We went everywhere

We shot things in the face...

We shot a lot of things in the face...

Gunny had my back

Well most of the time. Sometimes Gunny was really finickety about being on a flat surface so sat like this whilst I was mobbed by evil robots. Classic Gunny. 

And there was plenty of dramatic posing

And dramatic lighting


I even taught Gunny how to fly

We carved Gunny and Cunzy 4EVA Friends into a Warden Spire

I will always remember you Gundor? Gunzy? Turret-Boy

Here's to Gunny, discarded somewhere on Sonatus because you can't carry items off-planet and I don't know if the game has that level of object permanence that I'll ever see Gunny again. But who knows...


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