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Starlink: A Turret Called Gunny

Starlink: Battle For Atlas is a game we are playing and enjoying  but the announcement that there seems to be some semi-substantial new content on the way in the recent Nintendo Direct put the fire up our butts to get it finished. As is typical for Ubisoft games this involves a lot of tidying up and clearing out busywork that in Starlink is fun enough with plenty of variety to stop it getting stale. It was whilst doing this busywork on the planet Sonatus that we met Gunny, initially just a deployable turret we picked up to take some of the grind out of taking down enemy fortifications, uplinking satellites and hacking Legion data cores etc. However, what started as a relationship of convenience soon became a lifelong friendship... what started as a reluctant partnership soon became.. what started as an unlikely pairing with cultural differences... we became unusual but authentic friends... it's A BUDDY COP MOVIE OKAY. We made a buddy cop movie. Meet Gunny or technically a [

Acid Rounds: Into the Breach (Switch)

Acid rounds is a semi regular, irregular spot on TGAM for games we have beasted from start to finish. Richie: I heard that Into the Breach is a game by indie cunts for indie cunts, why are you an indie cunt? Cunzy11: Okay, so yes. In some circles. It's one of those indie darling games. Particularly amongst those bearded, shoes and no socks PC boyos. I'd managed to miss all the hype completely and against all the odds spotted it on the eShop on sale and thought it looked cool. Imagine my surprise to see it on every fedorad arm-tat hipster's game of the year lists. And quite fucking rightly too. I liked it well after it was famous. Richie: So its a hipster strategy game? X-Com: Avocado edition? Cunzy11: *clears throat*  it's a retro styled, tile-based, time travelling, rogue-like, dungeon runner with mechs, tanks and kaijus. Yes. Yes it's X-Com: Avocado edition.  Richie: Right so you beasted this on the Switch, What made it tear you away fro

Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep

Wow a proper review. Makes for a change huh? We were huge fans of the first game and although it didn't set the world on fire sales-wise it has a dedicated following. The second game is an improvement on the first in every way. The first game was a very relaxed adventure, leaving the player with relative freedom to explore the fictional region of Manauri, discovering various oceanic animals, photographing them and guiding visitors around the ocean. There was a very loose story driving the game but fittingly, the game was endless. You could (and we did) just keep playing forever with the goal of collecting all the species information and salvaging treasure. Each species has three bits of information, unlocked by finding an animal and then tickling, feeding or drawing for it. However, some of the creatures were a bit too crytpic and very hard to find once let alone three times (our playtime is up to well over 100 hours and there are still four species we've yet to see). Salva

Oh shit. This is actually happening 2

Something is happening and I'm excited! Although, I'm getting a bit pissed off with these countdown sites. Especially you Mr Nintendo because in all likelihood Europe won't be seeing this game for another 5 chuffing years.