Kotaku: Scraping the barrel

Ok ok, I know we all hate Kotaku, hell even Kotaku hate Kotaku. I shouldn't even grace their hits with a link to their tired under-skilled gawker site.

But sadly it occasionally fawns upon my radar, partly due to out-of-the-loop developer/publishers giving it credible news, thinking they are still the mainstream go-to gamer site from 6 years ago.

But you gotta check this one out it has completely obliterated the line between irreverent and irrelevant. Its a post about how one Kotaku writer doesn't like Cheetos.

That is all.

Love and irreverent irrelevancy,

Richie X


  1. Pergiar07:42

    A little bit amusing that I found your blog due to it being linked on Kotaku. It was even the same Kotaku writer that hates cheetos that wrote the article with the link.

    I do agree that she is terrible.

  2. Anonymous17:54

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