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Kotaku: Scraping the barrel

Ok ok, I know we all hate Kotaku , hell even Kotaku hate Kotaku. I shouldn't even grace their hits with a link to their tired under-skilled gawker site. But sadly it occasionally fawns upon my radar, partly due to out-of-the-loop developer/publishers giving it credible news, thinking they are still the mainstream go-to gamer site from 6 years ago. But you gotta check this one out it has completely obliterated the line between irreverent and irrelevant. Its a post about how one Kotaku writer doesn't like Cheetos. That is all. Love and irreverent irrelevancy, Richie X

The top ten of Iphone games/apps

Yes. I'm capitalizing Iphone and I'm spelling capitalizing like a yank. It's going to be one of those posts. But we mustn't shun the new platforms when they come out we should welcome them with open arms to join the fold. Recently, Steven Gates (is he the apple man? It really doesn't matter) tried to prove that the Iphone was the shit because it had more games than the DS and the PSP. By that reckoning the PC is then the best gaming device! Didn't think about that Gates did you, you lemon. Anyway, much like the Nintendo DS, the Iphone does have a whole load of steaming shit available for it with the occasional warm gem hidden in the pat. Nobody is going to suggest that any of them are all time greats but here's a summary of the best presented in the tried and tested Top 10 tradition: Top Ten Original Iphone Games. There isn't a single original Iphone game. Every Iphone game is either a port, a clone or in the worst cases an adaptation of a mini game

Icanhasjillsammich #4

Hey All, Not that many Submissions this week. Just to remind you, all you need to to is find a picture (Google Image, Deviant-Art, Screenshot) then upload the picture to the Cheezburger Factory , add your own text, then send it into , and boom, It'll get uploaded. For now, please enjoy these latest submitted Sammiches :D Till Next Time Richie

Icanhasjillsammich #3

Thanks again to all those Submissions this week, Enjoy:

Icanhasjillsammich continues

Hey all! I must say I'm flabbergasted as to the response "Icanhasjillsammich" thanks to everyone who has submitted artwork. Please keep them coming! Here is a selection of some that we have recieved: Noogins...


In response to icanhascheezburger thatguys is starting icanhasjillsammich... Find your favorite Resident evil Pictures, upload them to the icanhascheezburger factory add captions then email them to us: Enjoy...