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We're full of good ideas but lack the skill and will to see them to fruition. We're so charitable though, we're giving these away for free! If you're one of the 140,000 people who make video game videos and other video game content on the Internet, please make one of these. We don't want any credit beside the credit line (c) Thatguysamaniac, all rights reserved. 

1) The Hunk Umbrella GMV. Make it happen people, it's been six years already. Nobody wants to see your Final Fantasy videos. This is that the people want.

2) Capcom Cam. Like candid camera but with Capcom instead. This idea requires quite a big budget but should be a spoof current affairs show with only female panelists and talking heads. At the end of every show, they find out that the cameras have only been filming them above their knees and below their face.  Then Kenzo Tsujimoto pops up and says "Congratulations! You're on Capcom camera". Guaranteed hit.

4) Talk like a video game protagonist day. We all know that Comic Relief and Talk Like A Pirate Day are celebrated by people who should have been drowned in a bucket at birth. Talk like a video game character day will be exactly the same. For a full day men are only allowed to say the following four phrases:

Am I poisoned?
What is it?

In addition midgets and dwarfs have to speak with a Scottish accent and woman have to make grunting noises which could be interpreted to be either sex moans or moans of pain. All the money raised will go to the charity Child's Play.

3) Movies with game endings. We're all sick of Hollywood taking video game licenses and pissing all over them so we should give them a taste of their own medicine taking classic films and re-cutting them with a video game ending. The new Citizen Kane would end with Charles Kane finding out he is the half clone of Mr. Bernstein, himself a clone of a character called Big Boss who is married to a woman called the Boss and who is a clone of herself. Every movie would be significantly improved with Silent Hill's infamous UFO ending. In the new Breakfast Club, they all remember that they used to go to the same orphanage together but forgot because they used Guardian Forces too much. All the new Alien films end with Cliff Bleszinski looking straight down the camera and saying that there won't be a sequel to this movie.

5) Edit Anita Sarkeesian's video to be more effective. Part 1 of Anita Sarkeesian's video is already out but with a quick edit it could be much more powerful. The whole video should be replaced with somebody playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl and desperately trying to get the perfect up skirt shot of Princess Peach for the full 23 minutes (it shouldn't take you that long).


6) Classic Paintings Now With Pantsu. Art in museums is boring and all that and that's because unlike fanart you can't see a hint of knickers on every character. Photoshoppers amongst you should remedy this situation by shopping in a hint of biff bringing a bit of class to all those ol' paintings.

Five great ideas right there, go ahead, go and create them you crazy creative people. Don't forget the credit line: (c) Thatguysamaniac, all rights reserved.


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