NextGen: A wishlist

Its coming this year, whether we like it/are ready for it or not, the tidal wave of new technology, titles and marketing.

For now we dabble in the foreplay of specs; as the industry giants stand before us hands on hip proudly dangling such numbers and technological acronyms as, 64 separate cores of GPU spinning many trillions of numbers every second or multiple Gigabytes of DDR5 doing what ever RAM does. Teasing us, leaving us salivating, moist with anticipation, gagging for more.

But before we get down to it, we have expectations, its not how big the tech is, its what you do with it that counts. We have been burned before, so before we go all the way, we'd like to set some ground rules.

Keep it pretty, there is little to no excuse now, most of this hardware is dedicated to prettiness and quick prettiness at that! You have the tech, set a bar and stick to it: no clipping/collision issues, no cheap grainy filters, no slow loading unreal textures, and lets keep NPCs properly animated. We want perfectly round bouncing boobies, TR: Survivor was there, lets keep it that way.

Don't fuck up the console UI, the current 360 interface is going in the wrong direction, it shouldn't take "tea-making-time" to boot into a interface which is 99% Ads and one tiny section devoted to the entire reason you turned on the console.

Not every showcase game should be a sequel FPS with ever so slightly prettier GFX.

IN. O. VAT. ION. Lets have some fun different titles, bored of the same tired mechanics with hit-or-miss -story-lines. Lets get the fucking boxing eggs and bubble blowing dinosaurs back into the console industry. Its not about nostalgia, its about looking back at the roots. If mobile apps can do it, consoles can do it better.

F2Play is fine just make sure it is ethical.

to be continued...

Love and does everything have to be an innuendo with you Richie?

Richie X


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