Why is the Escapist so shit Part 2

Part 1 is here. This may be why the Escapist continues to be so shit.
Here be a few gems from the Reddit:

Robomonkster in response to the escapist claiming the crunch has caused strain:

How are they 'feeling the crunch' with that many fucking ads? Have they found the other end of the online ad-revenue bell-curve, where they spend more money on the bandwidth for them than the ads bring in?
Amen to that even if I did have a desire to sift through their poorly designed website through all that crap to find some theoretical gems the constant ads would drive me away. As it is I try other ways of watching Zero Punctuation so i don't have to visit the site and get inundated with advertising before, after, above, below and around and content.

Acid Super Sam:

"I respect the Escapist"
Nooooo ho ho. What kind of person says that. Why god why?


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