I have holiday and I've been trying to bust as many games that I've half started as possible.

Kirby's Epic Yarn A lovely little game that appeared quite easy to 100%. I was wrong. Clocked it in at just under 20 hours in the end. Stupidly, I left all the challenges until the end so the last hours or so was just burning through the repetitive and sometimes tricky challenges. Soundtrackwise, many of the new tracks are as sublime as the classic old tracks. Fun.

Little King's Story I'd put Little King's Story on the back burner for a long time. Typically because when I play it I get sucked in so I don't attempt to play it unless I know I have time free. It's a game that still gives even late on where lesser games tend to add all the padding. It is also still challenging although I do end up restarting a lot because I'v become very attached to a little hunter of mine called Stella. She was one of my first citizens, she's married to a guard and has a child and I can't help but restart every time she gets killed just in case she doesn't wash up the next day. I'm currently on the hardboiled king (what does the fucking suggestion box look like?) but there's a nasty Red turnip guardian I'm too scared to fight right next to my kingdom. Every time I try he turnips all my guys. I understand that if you haven't played one of the greatest games of all time then you won't understand much of the above.

Eternal Darkness. Another game that I started, loved and then suddenly it's four years since I played it. A really brilliant game in all kinds of ways. I love the spell combinations, I love the storyline and the way it is delivered. It's not all good though. Another example of a Gamecube game that boots you to the menu screen every time you die. Is a continue option really that hard? Also, and I don't know whether it is because I forgot some of the details since I last played this game but some of the puzzles are really tough. I had to FAQ it up a number of times. There's also a really old school annoying boss in chapter 9(?). That requires some lucky timing rather than any element of skill. Which I love and hate in equal proportion. Lastly, backtracking. Lots of it. The gripes don't quite do enough to make me dislike this game though although I doubt I'll ever play it through another two times to unlock the extra modes. I'm kinda hoping that they don't make a sequel because as it is, the game is a nice little. A sequel would ruin it somewhat.


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