The tragic cogitations of DS/Pokemon Loss

Shock horror, dismay and tears.

Over the past ten years of playing pokemon there were certain things that caused me dismay, the battery on "Red" depleted loosing all the hours spent on that. Telling doppelganger to get Pokemon, then further down the line him thrashing me in a 6v6 battle. And most recently, Taking my DS on holiday with Pokemon Black.

I lost it, I left it on the plane, I spoke with KLM several times to see if it had been handed in, but no :( it's
moved on...

It is... no more

Well it's not the worst thing in the world, the DS can be replaced, I may even get the 3DS for the hell of it. The thing that bothers me most is Pokemon Black and the time I invested. Along with that I have lost my Celebi, Zoroa, Zoroark, and Victini. Several event-only (i.e. time-sensitive) Pokemon, Zoroa and Victini were actually ones I was using when going through the game too!

So, i dont know, do I play through the game again? do I just drop it, say to hell with it and give up on pokemon for ever like a massive quitting-quitty-boy? Do I get an action replay just to get the event pokemon and justify it as having them before (yet knowing their shady past and shunning them forever)... These are just a few of the thoughts running through my head, running through my head, all the things she saaaaaiiiid.

Whaddya reckon?

Love and Painful Pokemon Remorse.

Richie :(


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