Mad Catz Pro circuit is... Maybe OK?

Mad Catz are getting more and more credibility these days, i remember the days when 4 people sat round a console and "player 4" got stuck with the cheapy 3rd party controller that everyone dreaded. That controller used to be made by Mad Catz. Now they have released these controllers specifically for the gaming elite, for the "pro-gamers" allowing for things like interchangeable team plates. But most excitingly interchangeable D-Pad/Thumbsticks, making the 360 more like the PS3 controller, and vice versa. I'm still pining for this, 5 years on from getting the 360 I still prefer the DualShock PlayStation layout. However what bothers me about this incarnation and the thought and process put into it is that the 360 D-Pad seems the same. I really really fucking despise the 360 D-Pad, and have done from the start, firstly it's in the wrong place, though this is fixable on this gaypad, but it frequently just does not function well. It suffers from I-pressed-Up-not-Left-itis. This affliction was really first recognised with the release of some of the retro games on XBLA where you wanted to treat your 360 controller like the game pads of such as the Snes and Megadrive. More recently it's bugged the crap out of me on Mortal Kombat and MvC3 the smooth action of the Quarter-Circle forward was unobtainable on the D-Pad and analogue stick, I mean last thing I want to do is play a lottery of whether or not I pull off a special move. I know this has been addressed with the release of SSF4 specific pads and Arcade sticks, but c'mon, why cant I have a nice SNES/PS D-Pad to which I feel is superior in almost all fashions to the 360 D-Pad.


Love and QCF+LP

Richie X


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    do it.


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