We applied for a job again!

Ready-Up are hiring so we sent them a job application. Well, I say a job application, it was exactly this one. We're quietly confident. However, because we had to go and visit Ready-Up to find the details about applying for the job we noticed a few things on the application form.

A rare opportunity is available to work on the UK’s fastest growing gaming community website.
Ah, fastest growing. That immeasurable indefinable measure of success. And it is a pure lie. We just visited www.thatguys.co.uk for the first time this morning which takes our growth from 0 visitors at 9am to 1 visitor at noon. That's growth of MORE THAN INFINITY. We're the fastest growing gaming community more like.

Applicants must have solid spelling and grammar.
Shit. We missed this on the application form. Abort. Abort.

Hint: we have a thing for farmer types
Here are our future work colleagues and a free bonus game! There are five 'woulds' and three 'wouldn'ts' can you work out which are which?

Don't worry TGAM readers. We wouldn't abandon you completely we'd just do that annoying thing where all we do is link to all the stuff we've written elsewhere. Isn't that right Leigh? Isn't that right?


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