The Stag Do

Last weekend was my stag do, which was organised by my gay partner, Richie! Unlike your traditional stag do there was not a stripper in sight. Or going out. At all. Instead it was this groom to be and his bezzy mates playing the games that we all grew up with. I couldn't have asked for a better stag do, I laughed until I cried, I drank until it hurt and we had one last gaming session with all my Slads in one (well, two rooms). Sadly on Sunday I realised this would probably be the last time we'd all be together with nothing but time for playing the games that we cut our teeth on. But enough of the gay stuff! AWARDS TIME!
Group Awards. CLICK FOR BIG IMAGE. This will mean very little if you weren't there.

Some of the games that came out: Quake 2, Mashed, Mario Kart, Boom Blox, Geometry Wars, Resident Evil 5, Timesplitters 2, Puzzle Fighter, Blazblue, Street Fighter IV, Soul Calibur, Pod Racer, Red Faction Guerilla, Wii Sports, Army of Two and even a spot of doorsies. The weekend just flew by. Flew by. But now. Now it is time for the individual accolades!

Richie! (Real name Richie) The best man and organiser of the stag do. Let it be recorded that it just wasn't his weekend but that didn't stop him trying. With hindsight, he should have stopped trying. No. Really.

Dr Wo 69 (Real name Dr Wo) The longest serving Slad who was there with me right at the beginning. With two bags of goodies and a pair of socks we rose to the challenge of our rivals!
Chuff_72 (Real name Chuff_72) Long time TGAM contributor and Chris to my Sheva. Shevvvvva! Shevvvvva!
Bobby Ball Grabber (Real name Bobby Ball Groper) Zebra-footed street-fighting downing-legend and voice of reason. Fuelled only by Mountain Dew there's no stopping him.
Randy McSporran (Real name Old Man Mountain) Legend in the field who insisted on going to bed really early every single night. Fuck you motherfuck.
Chis (Real name Dan Dan Fighting Man) Dan Dan Fighting Man Fights a Man like no other man can. THROWS LIKE A GIRL THOUGH!
Flayer 9 (Real name Flayer 7, Slayer 3) Despite crippling motion sickness he has managed to overcome his severe disabilities just long enough to still beat Rich.
Robisgay (Real name Retardo) Ultra competitive with Flayer 9 and general all rounder took an early pasting in the drinking games but bounced back with a vengeance.
Jules (Real name Jules) Despite being the only non-gamer fared significantly better over the weekend than others (Richie) and didn't think that the mega breakfast was enough so ordered extra hash browns.
Cunzy1 1 (Real name Cunzy1 1)Last and definitely least when it comes to this line-up of legends.Let us never drink absinth again!


  1. Bloody well done, Cunzgratulations.

  2. Dr Wo22:45

    Big props to Richie for finding the perfect place, what a weekend indeed.

    Why did it have to end?

    The cleaners were coming at 3.


  3. Dan Dan Fighting Man12:52

    Genius, just genius. Was an awesome weekend and great to meet you guys that I didn't know (most of you. Have now bought Boom Blox to share the joy.

  4. Anonymous19:20

    Richie is gay


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