On things Achievementwise:

I have had a recent campaign to "thousand" quite a few of the games on my 360 list. I have completed Dragon Age: Awakenings and the Expansions (1550 GP), along with a couple of other titles too (Nothing cheaty like Avatar or King Kong though). Rather dauntingly I decided to start up Final Fantasy XIII with intent of thousanding it, I've invested serious amounts time into previous Final fantasy games, why not do it with this one? Because endgame sucks... I have pretty much run out of things to do except grind...

I have spend 60 hours on the game I have completed 62/64 missions ( I have decided to leave the remaining 2 missions until I fill out the crystarium AKA get to the maximum level) and well, if I complete mission 64 it makes the grinding process slower.

So I'm sitting on 720 gamerpoints: 

I'm missing 6 achievements *SPOILERS*

Adamant will: Killed an Enemy that spawns after mission 64
Masters Seal: Maxed everyone's roles.
Treasure Hunter: Collected all items in the game.
And the last 3; Galuf's Grail, L'Cie Paragon, Exorcist. Which will be unlocked upon completion of the remaining Missions and 5 Starring them all (only a couple left to 5 star).

So my quandary is, do I want these last achievement points?

Should I grind on adamantoises till the early morning for the next week, gaining enough levels for Master's Seal, and continue to get enough money for Treasure Hunter? Is that fun?

Admittedly, once I have grinded (ground?) enough to max out my levels, the next haul is money, AGAIN dropping from the Adamantoises. so... Killing the same enemies over and over and over... Is that fun?
All for 280 GP and the satisfactiopn of knowing I thousanded FFXIII... Is that fun?

IS IT FUN?!?!? Honestly?... I'll tell you once I have done it...

Ground Love and Grinded hugs,

Richie X


  1. Timmy19:41

    FFXIII killed it for me, 12 hrs in I decided I was bored feckless and had little to show for it. Too much plot, not enough freedom. Don't get me wrong, I admire that you put up with it to get to the grinding! But I actually traded this in for Borderlands after 10 days. An excellent decision on my part. Plus, I wanted to introduce my TV to the sidewalk from 4 stories every time Vanille opened her disproportionately sized mouth. Idiot child.

  2. Yeah I know the feeling, the pain in the tits is, even at endgame, Vanille is one of the 'better' characters and you are forced to use her for many of the fights later on!

    But yeah borderlands is on my list of potentials, though my next hot tip is Resonance of fate.

    Oh and "Sidewalk"... oh timmy timmy timmy


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