Who's worse?

We strive against gender inequality in games and at the same time for more freedom of choice and to be treated with respect as adults who heathily enjoy video games.One for funBut then as soon as a game gives us the freedom to take screenshots anywhere we take images like this.Two is a bit creepyPart of us wishes that we were uploading this with irony. Another part of us is instantly going to bookmark this page under 'email support'.Three is spicyOn second thoughts our partners might need email support one day. Is it worse to try and hide this from our loved ones? If I'm going to do it anyway would you preffer to find it under "Crystal Chronicles Selkie sexy look"? Answers in the comments.Four is a fetishWho's worse, the people who code and animate this stuff? Or the people who take these screenshots and upload them to a blog?Five is still alive, justbecause frankly, there's no innocently discovering that you could do this. At some point we made the concious decision to take these shots.Six turns tricksOf course now that I'm writing this post I can explain the folder of these images as 'work'.We can't bring ourselves to do anymoreAnd who's worse the people who bring this to you in their free time or the people who get paid for it?In order to scrape back some dignity this can't be done on men, old women or children in the game.Of course, we were in a part of the game where we couldn't get back to take screenshots of all of these so now we are actively playing through the story to bring you these shots.Here's one we didn't even take. We found it on the internet. Does that make doing it better?
This is the kind of morality Molyneux wishes he could be dealing with in his games.
Storytelling in games.Sad to say all of these screens aren't even from that many hours of play. Storytelling in gamesOkay.................... now we cried at a video game.

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