You are probably here looking for filth.

Yes you are aren't you? If you are the three people that came here yesterday looking for "soul calibur xxx" you probably want to go here or here. If you are the people desperate to find the "devil may cry 4 front mag" stuff you should go here. For the person looking for jay haffling, presumably Jay himself, go here. For the sicko who was looking for people with viagra naked, I would refine your search a bit first and the sad soul looking for porn guy blogger, we presume you didn't find them here.

Disappointing people, disappointing. Where is the imagination? Where are the searches for Guy Cocker or Naked Bif? We've got baby death and all kind of things to put into any orifice of choice. Boobs you want boobs? We got boobs in various flavours, WoW, Resident Evil Underboob (neathage) to mention but a mere few. We got spluff the biscuit going on too. You're not even googling terms like Red & White Bum Marmite and Green and bloody douche juice but it is all here for ya! All this and more and if you are taking an average of thirty seconds to get yourself off our archive should last you a year before you need to get fresh material.

In short filthy teenagers, you sorely disappoint us with your lack of imagination and creativity. I imagine your moms would be dissapointed too when she sees that the best you could manage was "people naked with viagra". Hopefully you'll be directed to this page from now on as a kind of taster index to all kinds of gaming filth held here.

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