This image from site we don't normally look at,Joystiq makes us sad. The top is the PS3 version and the bottom one is the Wii version. Looks like Sony tried to ruin it by making all the zombies grey like they're Solid Snake or something. Or a new PSN update or something. Or a sequel to Killzone or something.

The Wii version looks terrible too. Too many zombies. I hope they scale that back before launch. Plus for all those Xbox 360 people laughing at other consoles only getting Dead Rising now at least we'll be able to read the fucking text man and it has multiplayer but they left that out of the press release. We have our sources though.


  1. Anonymous01:40

    I bet the wii version ends up with you wnaking the wii mote off haha haha hahahaha!

    and on that note with G4 jockey u get to thrust your hips AND wnak off the wii mote yes kids soon you also can do this with your family present at xmas! (check out the photo on the front of G4)


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