Hi guys! We're going to take time out of our regularly updated TGAM top 50 ultimate TGAM top games best list of best games of all time ever to bring you this very very exciting news:

It's bifs again! But not just bifs filth seekers it's Tekken 6 bifs. Tekken is a great game and for those young 'uns who don't remember it here is how the series went:

Tekken 2: The series was so crazy it didn't even start at 1! Tekken 2 was a mashup of your favourite childhood toys, Lego, and your favourite beat em 'up game, Street Fighter. But it was better than Street Fighter because there was no fighting! There was never any contact, contestants just hit each other with neon fireworks until one of them gets tired or something. It was successful and on the PlayStation. Not even the PSOne yet!

Tekken 3: This was Tekken 2 but with a cheaty character introduced to the series.

Tekken 4: See Tekken 2.

Tekken 5: See Tekken 3.

Tekken 6: See Tekken 5 plus "sweat". Lots of sweat.

Unfortunately, it is now coming out for the PS3 and Xbox 360 so the PlayStation fanboys lose perhaps the strongest weapon in their war now that the best game on the PS3 has gone multiplatform. Dang!

We're so excited about this news we almost forgot that the entire Tekken series is a big steamning pile of crap far worse than any other fighting game in existence*.

*Yeah, we're going there, it's worse that Mortal Kombat. We said it now.


  1. Anonymous01:47

    holy shit worse than MK now thats pretty bad for the "purest fighting game seen on the playstation" (PSW magazine issue 13 pg 27)hopefully the random character select will always be Eddie and they introduce Tekken at the Olympics.


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