Bif Naked plays Glasgow!

First of all, for those of you who don know, Bif Naked is primarily the main singer in the band "Bif Naked". But she has also been known to dabble elsewhere. Notably as the voice of Zoe from SSX Tricky, “I can see my house from here”. But had also starred in the terrible film House of the Dead, and had made loads of TV appearances, including Buffy: the vampire slayer.

Anyway so for like the first time EVER Bif Naked has performed in the UK as a support act for some pishy band called Alterbridge. And well She played on Friday 9th June at the ABC venue in Glasgow, So I paid my money just to see Bif Naked, and fucked off before crappy Alterbridge came on. She looks kind hot from here

Well, the gig was short, she played mostly new stuff but it was still awesome! However! No one knew her! I was gutted! A crowd of lifeless plebs all just staring blankly! I was RAGING! “APPRECIATE THE BIF!”

So on behalf of Glasgow I want to extend an apology for the MINDLESS PHILISTINES! And we at That Guys hope you come back to the UK soon!Still looks kinda hot but seriously you wouldn't she's rotten

P.S. at the end of the gig she said, “See you in the Fall”. Awesome!

P.P.S. Fall is American for “Before Winter”


Richie said…
I say "Starred" She was a DJ at thestart of the film...

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