XBL: Total Rip-off

Woah now, so last night saw the launch of some DLC (due for today, but we wont persecute MS's timekeeping). This DLC included the much anticipated additional Katamari content... with a hefty price tag. Each "new" zone to create a Katamari in was either 200 or 300 MS points, couple this with the new cousins and accessories. Each of the new zones is 384kb, for the non technologically savvy, there is no way that 384kb can be new content, it is simply a wee file that unlocks content that already exists on the disk. All in all this "new" content will set you back over 2000 MS Points (Nearly £20). Shocking.

Also on XBL last nigh the Muse Guitar Pack was up, costing 500 MS Points for a meaty 60mb download including 3 muse tracks. Much better.

Luv n' Hugs,

Richie X


  1. Anonymous11:29

    Ah yes, so: Because Konami decide to overcharge for their DLC, that warrants the bandwagon-jumping sensationalist headline of Xbox Live being a total rip off.

    Frankly, the quality of writing on this site has gone markedly downhill since the Giant Enemy Guitar Hero's last article ended.

    Konami's DLC for Katamari is material that should have been given away free, particularly to Europeans who had to wait so long for the game to be released.

    Ah, what am I thinking? Richina doesn't actually play videogames anyway, and so her opinion may be ignored.


  2. "XBL: Total Rip-off"

    Is a cunning plan to lure more readers.

    Worked on you didn't it...

  3. Anonymous12:32

    Muse are shite anyway, konami need to release an avril lavigne pack. Her music is about pain. Music should be about pain.

  4. Go blade yerself emo.

  5. Anonymous12:57

    I'm an emo with a spastic colon, my self abuse involves eating spicy food then shitting my insides out.

  6. Anonymous15:24

    your turned on by the prolapse arent you. besides Avril Lavigne isnt emo. its just painfull to listen to her whine about a boyfriend. i want her to sing about all the cock that she's taken up the shitter. but hey. i'll settle for her dancing in hotpants.

  7. The song "Complicated" is all about Axilliophiles.

    Basically this guy wanted to to Avril in the armpit, but she just wanted it simple and up the dirt chute... but no this guy had to go and make it all complicated.

  8. Anonymous15:52

    haha. nice one. im off to knock myself blind to that album now. i'm dying for her to cover stink fist.

  9. Anonymous21:45

    Mate, Avril Lavigne's so 9 wanks ago, that bint from Paramore is the current emo jailbait of choice. Get with the programme.

    Sir Cole Trickle


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