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So instead of the normal whinging about games as if we played games (we just play Resident Evil 2 over and over again). This bank holiday meant that I had some pretty full on game time. Heres some reviews for the usual reasons;

1) Dynasty Warriors 6 Unbelievably, significantly worse than Dynasty Warriors 3.

2) Haze. Imagine Half Life on the PC set in the jungle from the original Crash Bandicoot with a sprinkling of AI taken from Marvel Super Heroes. From now on, Free Radical did nothing after TS2 in our eyes. They went under and will be missed.

3) Zack & Wiki. Genuinely very good, beyond our normal Capcom bias, actually very very good. Wii owners please stop buying shovelware and pick this up. Ya?

4) Endless Ocean. Game of the decade. 100/10. Deadly serious.

5) Devil May Cry 4. Yeah, well I used to be a fan of DMC. Too much annoying capcom checkpoint saving annoyingness. :(

6) Grand Theft Auto IV. Life draining, fun but a bit bland?

7) Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles. Great. Maybe only for Resident Evil fans but hey CHECK THE NAME OF THIS BLOG. Second greatest game of the decade 97/10

8) Echochrome. Nice although the PS3 is trying a bit too hard to be all Indie at the moment. Flow and Echochrome are nice and everything but no one payed £1600 to play shiny flash games did they? Perhaps some real games soon? Yeah?

9) GT5 Prologue. £25 for a demo. But yeah, it's Gran Turismo with all the tissue box collision and zero damage you've come to expect. Meh, like GT and GT2 and GT3.

So that's what we've been playing recently and sad to say it, but it looks like the Wii has the edge. What have you been playing recently? And how much would you give it out of ten, not that it matters because it is completely subjective? First one to say "Your mum" is an Erik Von Markovik.


  1. P.S. It's not good to be an Erik.

  2. Anonymous17:19

    You're an Erik. I've seen you... Hypnotizin the girls, thinking that that somehow justifies never making some sort of meaningful connection, good luck with turning 40, and never making it past 5th base.

  3. Anonymous09:26

    Confused genderly?

  4. Anonymous17:53


  5. Anonymous20:04

    I have mostly been playing Doom,
    although I have played it on the SNES to death, Playstation to death, PC a little bit AND the GBA I just spent 600 MS points on it, still........

    100,000,000 out of 10

  6. Anonymous18:44

    I've been playing GRAW (behind the times I know). If I didn't keep being killed by bugs and glitches it would get a higher score, but it gets:

    1 tit out of 2.

    Also been playing Rock Band, which has me rigid.

    I give it 7 wanking skeletons on fire out of 5.

    Sir Simon Quinlagg


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