Editor of ONM replies! Is smug.

We got a reply!! Which will go down in TGAM history because no one normally replies to our open letters. Here it all is:

Hi Cunzy1 1, or whoever.

Thanks for your email. I always appreciate it when somebody takes the time and effort to contact us, as you have done, regardless of your opinion.
Thank you also for continually buying the magazines. Your loyalty pays our wages and funds our passion.

Thanks for your points and the detail of your email. All criticism is taken on board.
It's kind of flattering to see that you're 'onto us hacks'. It's always nice to hear that people actually read the words and don't just look at the pretty pictures. I look forward to reading further analysis of the magazine, should you see fit to provide it.

Lastly, let me reassert the point that I/we really appreciate the fact that you continually buy the magazine despite thinking it's far from the standards needed to satiate your refined gaming ideals.

Have a great Bank Holiday,


Yes, we're aware that we're not very good but you keep buying the magazine. Ha ha ha! HA HA HA! Naturally we replied again because someone at the factory got typhoid from one of the chickens so were not at work at the moment :(

Dear "Chan"

Thank you for your amazingly prompt reply. I'm glad you took time out of your busy schedule to respond to one of the readers of your magazine. Yes, of course you had to toe the company line which is why I don't take issue with your oozing smugness reply. To be fair I only buy it for the Animal Crossing and Pokemon free gifts. The decals are good too. So were the fridge magnets. The Mario encyclopedia wasn't too shabby either. It's just a crying shame about the rest of the magazine. Perhaps you could team up with N gamer? They can do the mag and you do the gifts? Nice?

However, if you really are taking the criticism on board can I suggest that you tell all your colleagues and copy editor (if you have one) that it should be PlayStation, not playstation. I know, I know that you are a Nintendo magazine but that's the way it should be spelled and I noticed in recent issues that it wasn't. You don't want your readers to grow up stupid now do you?


Cunzy1 1


  1. Anonymous00:04

    i'd have finished by questioning the morals of his fat mother.


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