Is this article a joke that we are too stupid to get? For those of you too lazy to click the link it is an article on Next Gen, the home of EDGE online about paper advertisements in the American Press, "The Best and Worst New Game Ads". At first I thought it might be interesting if their were some godawful ones because we all know that game ads can be pretty shite because marketing people assume that games are only played by young men with violent tendencies. It isn't that though because all the ads are pretty standard. The "worst" isn't at all bad and the best is a bit generic. Then I thought maybe the analysis of the ads might be interesting. But it isn't that either. Here's the bit next to an ad for World in Conflict, the ad is a picture of the box and "Strategy Game of the Year" in big letters:

The product has been well-known to this audience for some time. Half the page is devoted to the text “Strategy Game of the Year,” with a large amount of additional space dedicated to backing up the claim with various review awards. This is more an ad for the new budget price point of the game than the game itself, and the game did get a larger marketing push when it was new, so once again the hard work was done earlier and isn’t being repeated here.

See? It's not funny or clever. It's a literal description of the ad next to the ad itself. What's going on here? Maybe I expected more from the internet, maybe I expected more from EDGE? Either way this article is pretty bad so I guess EDGE are looking for new writers or some news so apply now. Here's my review of the review of the paper ads in American magazines in the style of the article because gamers are so intellectually retarded we can only express ourselves through reviews of things:

The article, written by Joe Keiser, is on three web pages and on each page there is an image of a magazine ad with a description next to it. The descriptions describe the advertisements without any humour or further comment about the nature of advertising. The webpage currently has one comment. I added another one but it probably will be edited out because the comment is quite rude. This article could be much better through such a little change like inserting the word "friggin" in front of every noun. That would be friggin ace in my friggin opinion. As it stands it is perhaps the most boring article related to videogames I have ever read although saying that I stopped reading after a while because the article wasn't really going anywhere. 4/10



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