Yahtzee Croshaw namechacks That guy's, struggles with Nintendo controls.

As ever, Yahtzee Croshaw delivers yet another enjoyable zero punctuation*. This time it's super smash brothers brawl. However, it's obvious from the review that he struggles with the control system. Now, we aren't haters here but people who can't play SSBB? We're no experts ourselves and in fact the antipenultimate time the maniacs met up Richie and I didn't enjoy getting double-team-violated by Fox and Falco up against the Great Fox. :(

Still. Yahtzee loses some of his cool points because he can't work out the controls. It's not rocket science and it is the third iteration. He tries to cover his noobishness with layers of fanboy baiting and talk about "friends" and "multiplayer situations" but he has exposed a weakness. In fact he even comes across as a bit girly (not racist-girly like Anne Diamond's game reviews girly) and this is coming from a PC gamer so he should be used to retarded controls. And games. And PC gamer friends. (Here's a tip if you are struggling with the controls, leave the main screen on idle and you get a demonstration).

However, he does regain many more cool points by name checking "That Guy" and "That Guy's" both of which are registered trademarks of TGAM. So keep on trucking Yahtzee and try to steer away from those complicated Nintendo games.

*The bastards over at the "escapist magazine" must feel pretty crappy because until zero punctuation featured on their site they were in the same box as IGN and Joystiq. Sites that no one visits or cares about but whos staffers try really really hard to write intelligently about games. :( unlucky The Escapist. 5/10 Try harder.


  1. Thank you for the name chack jack!

  2. Anonymous19:10

    OMG!!!!!!!!! That Guys A Fanboy more like!

  3. Anonymous11:06


    -You got pwned :)

  4. Anonymous10:55

    Yeah and John Solomon is my god.



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