Oh Shit moments in games

I kid you not. I saw this as the name of a forum thread. Why do gamers (those who can get beyond platform hating or rating Youtube videos with slur) insist on making top tens of completely subjective matters. Is it to out-I-know-more-stuff-about-games each other? Or are gamers so emotionally and creatively retarded that they struggle if they aren't creating a top ten list? Idiots all of you. Check EDGE's Online Offline selection in their letter pages for the worst kind of wankery and whinging.

Here they are:

1) The second loading screen on Medal of Honour Rising Sun. After the initial loading screen, when the bar pops up and fills up. The game doesn't load until a minute after the bar fills up though. Amazing.

2) When the install wizard for Darwinia comes up. So many gamers I know love this classic sequence.

3) The first time the pause screen comes up on Tetris. Ohhh shit!

4) When you first mix the yellow herb in Resident Evil 4 and you get the little mixed herb image. Oh shit.

5) It's hard to pick one specific time but any time you move items around in Balder's Gate inventory. Mental.

6) The goldfish boss on Earthworm Jim

7) When the time Devil appears in New Zealand Story. The music speeds up and you literally say "Oh shit!"

8) When you sort your items on Final Fantasy VII by "type".

9) When you put up the price of the toilets to $50 on Theme Park/Jurassic Park Operation Genesis.

10) Saving the best until last. The ultimate oh shit moment in games for me was when the red gem falls out of the statue on the first floor of the police station in Resident Evil 2. Every time I get chills up my back because I know what is going to happen!!!!

So there we have it. What's yours?


  1. Silent Hill 4: The room.

    About half way through "the room" which has been your safe-haven. gets really fucked up. no more safe places :(

  2. Sonic 2, when you are underwater, cant see any bubbles and the "dun dun dun dun" music gets faster and faster.


  3. Anonymous22:10

    The time we were playing Thrill Kill and the loading bar started LOADING BACKWARDS!!!! OHHHH SSHHHHIIITTTTT

  4. When Aeris comes back to life at the end of Final Fantasy VII. Oh shiiiit.


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