We got carried away with LEGO

Yes we (I) did. If it's all part of LEGO's masterplan to get 20 somethings who grew up with lego to use their now disposable income to buy more LEGO after their Dad threw away all the original old LEGO whilst they we were away at "university" then it is working. Here's the story:

I picked up a copy of Lego Star Wars II the other day. It was cheap in Morrisons and it was kind of my birthday (in a few days anyway) so I thought I would treat myself. I have the original one and seeing as we're not proper gamers here at Thatgirls anymore (thanks Giant Lego Hamstring Enemy) I wanted something to play to make me feel like I was being an accomplished gamer.

Spontaneous review based on the first four levels: It's good. What you expect although the cantina could be more populated, especially with the old save characters. Also, it would have been nice to walk around the hub as your custom character but whatever it has multiplayer without having to go online, do you hear that Xbox multiplayer without being called a spazzy gay the whole time. 8/10.

So then I was thinking about LEGO so I checked out the LEGO Universe website. AND JESUS CHRIST THAT LOOKS AWFUL. Here's the thing: People would only want to play a LEGO MMO if it was all about LEGO and everything was in LEGO. What's all this mushroom bullshit about? Where are the studs? Mushrooms. Did they ever see a lego set? So I was kicking about on the LEGO website in a rage and I checked out they're current products. Not Very Good I thought. Too expensive too themey. What happened to the nice space and medieval themes without the bullshit one piece dragons?? Anyway. Then I discovered you could download a program to make your own set! Sweet. So I designed one.

It's called The Owl Pretends Not To Watch it's inspiration comes from the night Richie! and I came up with the brilliant idea to do a blog together. The owl represents you reader!

The program to make sets is nice. In fact it is like a game itself. Look at the adventures one can have!!!! This is the time we went for some buggery in the mountains. We ate fried cheese almost every day!

This is the time we bummed to oblivion! Oblivion kinda sucked! The owl was sick the whole time which really put a downer on the whole thing.

This is when we recreated a scene from Zeldor The Windwaker Chronicles which was a popular game on the N64. We don't really like the Zelda series at all but we paid homoage to it anyway.

Then, and check this shizzle, I found out you can order the frikkin set you designed so, fingers-crossed, two sets of The Owl Pretends are now winging their way to TGAM towers. You can even design the box art! Here it is*.

So, see LEGO execs, it really works. Keep up the good work and fire everyone associated with LEGO Universe now. Btw completely unrelated, we are available for consultancy work on upcoming games so call us on 555-7849. Thanks!

Also, whilst "researching" these post I was reminded of the awesome Brick Testament for those who have hours on their hands to waste and also the formidable Brothers Brick which is worth a look at every now and then.

*Richie is the one with the hat.


  1. Anonymous20:44

    I *TOTALLY* maybe take offence at being misquoted!

    Didn't say ThatGirls weren't 'proper' gamers...

    Just 'not very good' at them.


  2. Apologies for the misrepresentation


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