An open letter to Team 17

Dear Team 17

Please just stop it. Please. You are embarassing yourself and the former glory of the Worms franchise. How many iterations are there now? 15? 16? Don't get us wrong the first one was great. We spent hours playing it and the recent revamped versions have been okay but please innovate or move on. Are you happy with the consistent "6-7/10 more of the same" reviews. Shake the series up a bit. I haven't purchased a worms game since the PlayStation release because every single one of the new ones feels so similar that I'm content to dust off the PS2 to play the original should I want to. Hogs of War was amazing why don't you do something like that but better? Oh and Worms 3D doesn't count at all. Why wasn't the last DS one online? Why don't you do clever things with the stats and camera angles and playbacks? International tournaments or something? How many people do you employ to do the same game over and over again. Wikipedia tells me 75. 75! What do they all do? At least Mario does slightly different things when he is whoring himself out again and again. As for Lemmings can't you please sort that out? That used to be great, truly great. You yourselves must be frustrated when every single one of your new releases is greated with overwhelming apathy. I'll be surprised if reviewers even bother to write ne reviews or just reuse the last one.

So please guys do something that isn't "do another bog standard worms game" so that the new generation of gamers will know the name of Team 17. Otherwise us veterans of the 90s will start to get bitter that Bullfrog and Psygnosis went up the spout and you guys are still around cranking out the same game you were back then.

kk Thx bye

Richie and Cunzy1 1


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