The New DS?

It's just rumours or whatever but if it ain't. Fuck off you money wringing wankers. What's wrong? do you not already have enough money? How about stop pissing about with a new DS and get some decent franchises on the DS instead of all that awful animated film tie in shit that literally fills the shelves of GAME and spills out onto the street knocking over frail Grannies and blocking traffic. By decent franchises I very specifically mean:

Resident Evil 2

Yes "it" isn't a franchise. But it is. Just pay Capcom all that money you are sitting on and stop making crappy Mario, Zelda and Metroid games that no one even likes or remembers and get them to remake, no reimagine, Resident Evil 2 and make it 140000 player co-op online, no friends codes or stars instead of other players and all that crap that prevents losers like us from actually playing online. Oh and don't mess around with Mp3s and SD cards and all that crap that only "homebrew boys" and gadget losers want. You'll just ruin it all and try to make the DS like some kind of lifestyle neccessity that will get Frankestein, sex-changed Violet Berlin and the other bint from the gadget show going off but will make the every day gamer barf with manbag-wearing-trendiness-sickness and then they'll all finally buy the PSP they've been putting off buying. "Yeah hi, yeah. I'm skyping from the bus using my DS. Yeah I'm so fucking important that I need to be on my DSphone on the way home. Otherwise my generic office twat office would completely collapse without me. No. I'm going to the Gym where I can check my email on my DS whilst I pump iron and eat organic pork scratchings and drink freshly squeezed lychee juice to make all the other office tossers insanely jealous. No she broke up with me last week. Silly dykey bint. It's her loss, she was crap in bed anyway. Alright, yeah, keep it easy Trent, I'm at Shoreditch now. Bye".

No one wants that scenario to come true now do they? Thanks Ninty.

Cunzy1 1.


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