Whatever next? My brain age isn't 20? You mean these things aren't telling the truth? So Aeris isn't dead? The Arabs aren't all bad? Frankly, if you are appearing on morning TV because your child was a bit annoyed because her Wii told her she was fat then you must have very very little in your life to worry about otherwise.

YOU ARE FATOh well, let's hope Ninty send chubby a check or something.


Anonymous said…
To be fair, japanese kids all way the same as bamboo shoots. So in those terms she's horrifically obese. The girl should just develope anorexia like any normal kid her age.
Anonymous said…
I agree, if people are fat they should be told so, and if they're not fat they should be convinced they are fat in order to avoid them ever becoming fat. Basically fatties will not be tolerated in my new world order.

Sir Frederick Fattyhater
Anonymous said…
Your mums so fat she broke the wii board
Anonymous said…
your mums so fat she smashed my pelvis when i was fucking her
Anonymous said…
your mums so fat i drowned when she went on top

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