Introducing a little micro feature on the the buttons we press and joysticks we waggle!

Recently I was rummaging around in my computer detritus box. A box which contains, SD card adaptors, proprietary USB cables for devices I have long since lost, devices which have long lost proprietary usb cables, external dvd drives, scratched DVDs with ancient Linux distros  etc etc and Controllers, I have collected quite a few, and I'd like to share a few of may Favourites.

First up is this bad boy! The expertly knocked off SNES Controller, the 8bitdo SF30:
Oh man there is so much to love about this controller. First up, just look at it! Its a fucking upgraded SNES controller. It is a thing of beauty, and honestly I had my doubts and reservations before I took the plunge and bought it. Given how good it looked, it was a bit concerning: what were the sacrifices here? Is it going to feel cheap, is it going to me heavy cuz its wireless etc. Most specifically I was concerned about those sticks, because they have been added in, is this going to ruin the controller? As with them the pad becomes the love-child of a PS2 Dualshock and the classic SNES controller...

And upon trying it, Most of these fears were put to bed. Most amazingly the button presses and the DPad actually feel like the original controller, which is just nuts and nostalgic. Apparently 8bitdo actually went out of there way to replicate this. Kudos.

Despite its size it actually does pack the full feature suite of buttons, including L1/L2 and R1/R2. This makes its fully compatible with most things. Speaking of which...

...I'm gonna stop right here I have become very consciously aware that as I am writing this it's beginning to read like those fake article advertisements. Which either means either these articles have got so much more convincing, or my ageing brain has dulled to that of a marketing graduate.

Annoyingly I want to gush about this controller, but every sentence I write about it feels more and more like the overly wordy reviews by Notanemployeee23 on Amazon that gave it 5 stars. Geez in a world of influencers, and crowd sourcing, the consumer has now been conscripted as junior advertisers, cogs in the wheels. Oh man fuck it... 

...this controller is fully compatible with PC, but amazingly also with the Nintendo Switch!!

So I tried it of a few Games:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch): It worked perfectly fine here, the main gripe being that the joystick positioning, with Smash bros it does lend itself to the old asymmetricals. and you don't need the dpad as prevalent, but always better than a single joycon.

Resident Evil 2 (PC): Big Blockbuster, worked fine, but the game makes heavy use of all shoulder buttons which are not super accessible especially in those, Stab-the-Zombie, Runaway moments 

Katamari Re:Roll (Switch):  Spot-on! I played the original on PS2, and due to the waggling nature of spinning up the katamari

SoulCalibur VI (PC): Usable, fine, but this bad boy needs an arcade stick!

ZSnes (Emnulator): Oh man this is where it shines, until the Switch pulls its finger out its arse and makes SNES content, playing the old SNES titles with a wireless controller is something you didn't even know you wanted.

In conclusion! Its a great controller, if anything is bad it feels a little small, however that remains faithful to the SNES controller!

Love and why should I feel like "I sold out" i mean I just really like the controller, Ugh...

Richie X


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