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TGAM: Our Games of 2019

A.K.A it's 1998 again, A.K.A Richie and Cunzy's gaming tastes are so on the beaten track that there's a well worn runnel slap bang in the middle of the beaten track, the very beaten track if you like, and that's the only place we'll ever walk. Apologies to all those indies, new IPs, unique genres and innovative games we're only playing stuff we know, stuff we played already, remasters, re-releases and sequels. Looking through the games of 2019 I made myself actual chunder with how boringly quotidian our games list was going to be. We apologise to both of you in advance. IT WAS ALSO A BUMPER FUCKING YEAR FOR GAMES. It's like 1998 again. The Switch is the new PlayStation and we've not been excited for """"""new""""" releases like this for a long time. I think we picked up almost all of these on launch day and it's been a long time since a year has inspired us to do that. In no apparent ord


Introducing a little micro feature on the the buttons we press and joysticks we waggle! Recently I was rummaging around in my computer detritus box. A box which contains, SD card adaptors, proprietary USB cables for devices I have long since lost, devices which have long lost proprietary usb cables, external dvd drives, scratched DVDs with ancient Linux distros  etc etc and Controllers, I have collected quite a few, and I'd like to share a few of may Favourites. First up is this bad boy! The expertly knocked off SNES Controller, the 8bitdo SF30: Oh man there is so much to love about this controller. First up, just look at it! Its a fucking upgraded SNES controller. It is a thing of beauty, and honestly I had my doubts and reservations before I took the plunge and bought it. Given how good it looked, it was a bit concerning: what were the sacrifices here? Is it going to feel cheap, is it going to me heavy cuz its wireless etc. Most specifically I was concerned about tho

The Claire Redfield from Resident Evil 2 Nude Cheat

Surprisingly, we've managed to find a little Easter egg from Capcom in their latest survival horror game Resident Evil 2 . That's right sports fans, you can unlock a nude(ish) Claire. Here's how, accompanied by some artists reconstructions because we'll be damned if we can take screenshots. Them shits is too professional.  As Claire A scenario, ensure you keep on the original costume on, do not change to Noir/Eliza etc. Once you reach the police station, ensure you run into to the Toilets in the East Wing when attempting to get the notebook and press A by the toilet. After collecting the notebook proceed through the game to the boiler room WITHOUT TAKING DAMAGE, we have not tried this with reloading saves, you will see the boarded up boiler room door, press A, 50 times (call back to the Rebecca Photo in RE2 on PS1) you will hear a faint dog bark. Return to the Weapon locker room without using any weapons. Put in locker code 105 and examine the locker. The sc

Sender: Lab.Manager@NEST

Sender : Lab.Manager@NEST Subject : The Hub Is Not A Trash Can Dear All NEST staff This is a polite reminder to all NEST staff that, despite appearances, the yawning abyss in the Hub is not actually bottomless. I shouldn't have to remind you that key security and safety equipment is down there as well as the emergency evacuation exit. Janitorial staff have found countless cigarette butts, disposable coffee cups and other general detritus down there. Please use the trash cans provided in shared work areas. Sender : Lab.Manager@NEST Subject : Nap Room Changes Dear All NEST staff Due to a string of complaints about inappropriate behaviour the nap room will be single sex use only as of next week. You can find the nap room rota on the shared drive. There is a spare bed in the security office should you wish to nap when it isn't your sex's 'turn'. This is also a good time to remind staff that the nap room pods are single occupancy online. Sender : Lab.Man