Flame Rounds: Boss Bass

Flame rounds lets us fulfil our yearning passion to be Frank Skinner, taking on his role as Judge, Jury, and Executioner in Room 101. We will be presenting a case for a particular Trope/Character/Item/UI element that pisses us off and then trying to justify whether this thing should go into room 101 (get flame roundsded?).

Richie: So! What trope has bested you this time!
Cunzy1 1: Super Mario Brothers 3. Level 3-3. You're having a good time with your brother Luigi fighting the Koopalings and making progress then this level happens and it gets real. It gets brutal. Boss Bass just outright murks you. It's not so much the being swallowed by a big fish thing it's just the sheer bluntless of it. You're there one minute, fish boy jumps, open gobbed then. Gone. I want to remove Boss Bass from gaming so I can sleep at night without waking up bolting upright and screaming because I thought I'd been swallowed out of fucking existence.

Richie: Just dodge him/her?
Cunzy1 1: Now not to get bogged down by pronouns but I'm reliably informed by Super Mario Wiki that when it's that rising see level hopping mother fucker it's Boss Bass and when it's underwater with that baby fish middle mouth shit that's Big Bertha. Anyway, dodging ain't easy pimp. That's what they all say, until you fluff a jump then you're down to that panic jump hop swimming to get out and OH SHIT BIG BOSS BOY COMIN' then not just death. Not even death. Worse than death. ERASED. Sure, you can take him out. But he come back.

Richie: The good old OHKO, did it make you feel like a newb at lvl 15 in westfall getting ganked by some Hordey?
Cunzy1 1: It was soul emasculating. Boss Bass cares not for your super mushroom or even Tanooki suit.

Richie: Were Boss Bass and Angry Sun ever in a level together? OH or Phanto from Mario Bros 2! How awful would that be!?
Cunzy1 1: My friends' Uncle works at Nintendo and they said that Angry Sun and Boss Bass were supposed to be in Super Mario Maker at one point but people found out that if you put those two, Lakitu and a Hammer Bro in a level together. You die.

Richie: Just dodge him/her?
Cunzy1 1: YOU CAN'T DODGE DEATH. Not forever.

Richie: How come all the comnets are between themselves?
Cunzy1 1: I wonder what Amber Night is up to.

Richie: Big balls bastarding Boss Bass, somewhat unique in his ability to OHKO you, and yes it turns out he is a he, or at least identifies as so, his Japanese name is Kyoudai Pukupuku♂...

thatguys.co.uk bringing you the news you wanted to know....

Anyways despite your fevered sex dreams about Boss Bass and his mouth and your somewhat niche vorarephilic* tendencies, I'm going to Flames Round this guy just for his Instadeath mechanic!...

But I also wanna touch his design. I mean I guess he is supposed to depict a gang boss? But just looking at the way he is drawn, with the bucktooth and those eyes, it seems he was drawn like old racist cartoon depictions of people from Japan/China, put a conical hat on him and its awful!

Boss Bass, is just a little bit jarring now... Is he "of his time"?

I will leave you that to ponder whilst a cathartically *aroused Cunzy1_1 feasts on Boss Bass' charred flames roundsded remains...


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