Flame Rounds: Peach's Mushrooms

Flame rounds lets us fulfil our yearning passion to be Frank Skinner, taking on his role as Judge, Jury, and Executioner in Room 101. We will be presenting a case for a particular Trope/Character/Item/UI element that pisses us off and then trying to justify whether this thing should go into room 101 (get flame roundsded?)

Cunzy1 1: Last time around we corrected a bad timeline by removing Timesplitters: Future Perfect. It's ladies' choice this week, what do we have?

Richie: Right! I'm going super-niche here. On the final boss of  Super Mario World, when you are fighting Bowser in his clown face flying reverse helicopter basket thing. Every so often Peach will pop-out scream, "Help!" and throw a mushroom at you. Now admittedly this is a nice thing to do, but it fucks me right off! You have 2 feathers, or maybe you have even mixed it up and gone all maverick and have a fire-flower in reserve! I ain't gonna Judge. But does Peach care about your game plan? NAH have a mushroom, a passive aggressive fucking flung mushroom which is happy to replace your backup item. You now actively have to dodge, along with the mecha-koopas you are keeping stomped as ammo for the boss fight. And it just takes too long for her to go through that animation... Beat it peach, trying to kill Bowser here! There is tech to drop the item with select and catch both, but why are you actively doing this? Argh. So yeah I would like to Flame round "that bit in the end boss fight of Super Mario World where Peach throws mushrooms at you".

Cunzy1 1: What? Just avoid them man!
Richie: Yeah, true dat. My gripe here is we don't need it, it also provides and annoyance for the final boss. Extra animation of the "helpless princess" (it was a different time). When she throws this out you are forced to stand in a spot, away from the mushroom, for fear of it replacing your good stuff. Which is really fun gameplay. God forbid the actual Bowser boss bit after this animation forces you to go in the direction of the mushroom. I didn't ask for this Mushroom, I don't need a reminder that Peach is somehow stuffed in there with Bowser...

Cunzy1 1: Look all I'm saying is, if it's enough to provide a dangerous distraction then it's dangerous enough to warrant potential last minute Super Mushroom.
Richie: Yeah I suppose it could be a last minute band aid, but if you have got to the boss beaten star road etc, chances are you are good enough to get through this fight, it is not hard mechanics. My point is and this just feels like a case of, "the path to hell is paved with good intentions" or "no good deed goes unpunished". I resent Peach for it

Cunzy1 1: Where does those mushrooms come from anyway? Does she need some natural yogurt or Daktarin? One of the few things to love about Super Mario Bros. film is the design decision to go literal with the fungus in the mushroom kingdom.
Richie: Yeah not only that Princess and her Mushrooms, are somehow cohabiting that Clown face balloon thing smooshed against his undercarriage, along with giant bowling balls, mecha koopas etc. Not to mention what ever machinery is used to keep that "vehicle" afloat.

Cunzy1 1: To be honest, I'm not even sure that's Peach...


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