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Acid Rounds: Super Mario World SNES

Acid rounds  is a semi regular, irregular spot on TGAM for games we have beasted from start to finish. Cunzy : Theme to this week then is there? Richie : Yeah, I am old and I have been getting some SMW nostalgic feelz recently. It happens every so often, this game is so heavily inscribed in my DNA.  Occasionally it works it way up through social responsibility, financial woes and my crippling suicidal depression, and I get prangs to play this chirpy early 90's platformer again. To my mind I have beaten this game at LEAST 5 times, and by beaten I mean doing every level getting the alternate colour "96" Cunzy : It is a great game and to my mind Super Mario World really mixed it up. It's the technical Super Mario game as evidenced by the Super Mario Maker  SMW levels I have no idea how to beat with spin, run and toss tech. Richie : SMW itself touches only very lightly on tech the tech you mention and is more forgiving than its predecessors on heart breaking f

Flame Rounds: Peach's Mushrooms

Flame rounds  lets us fulfil our yearning passion to be Frank Skinner, taking on his role as Judge, Jury, and Executioner in Room 101. We will be presenting a case for a particular Trope/Character/Item/UI element that pisses us off and then trying to justify whether this thing should go into room 101 (get flame roundsded?) Cunzy1 1: Last time around we corrected a bad timeline by   removing Timesplitters: Future Perfect. It's ladies' choice this week, what do we have? Richie:  Right! I'm going super-niche here. On the final boss of  Super Mario World , when you are fighting Bowser in his clown face flying reverse helicopter basket thing. Every so often Peach will pop-out scream, "Help!" and throw a mushroom at you. Now admittedly this is a nice thing to do, but it fucks me right off! You have 2 feathers, or maybe you have even mixed it up and gone all maverick and have a fire-flower in reserve! I ain't gonna Judge. But does Peach care about your game p