Wolverine Origins Nude Cheat

Yeah so the new game is pretty fucking cool.

Essentially it is a 3rd person Hack n’ Slash, however there is a multitude of things that set this one aside from the regular crowd of movie tie-in trash games:

1. It is not a move tie-in. Yes it may have a few things in common with the movie, such as the likeness of many of the characters, but the plot seems to be its own entity. (This was because the game was in development before the movie was in production, good call from the guys at Raven)
2. The fighting is a new level of fun. We have all got a hack and slash game that we all love in our hearts, whether it is Devil May Cry or Kingdom hearts. Thankfully this game differs from the usual repetitive Hack and Slash action of other movie tie-ins or trash games, there is a great mix of skill and luck. Basically the action is not repetitive, the combos and the timing of the button pushes are really intuitive, allowing for different types of gameplay, e.g you can choose to counter or just straight up button mash.
3. Lunge. Lunge is a fucking cool game mechanic! Basically allowing you to leap at an opponent from far away and start combo-ing. Yes I know you have probably played with similar mechanics in a multitude of games but this one is better, it’s hard to explain it’s a sort of “you had to be there” mechanic.
4. Fan service. Plenty of homage’s to X-Men and Wolverine, from an elevator-music remix of the X-men theme tune to classic yellow spandex Wolverine outfits.
5. Levelling up. You can’t go wrong with some XP to level up your dudes, and they do just that in this game, there are plenty of modifiers and skill ups to make going to the character menu actually fun.
6. So much blood. You slash and kill hoards of enemies, there are achievements for dismembering, and at one point Wolverine actually breaks someone in half!

And much more, the game is quite plot driven, it spans two time lines, and during the course of these levels there are well placed laptops which give insights to the plot while you are working out where to go next. Generally each puzzle or boss fight is punctuated with a cut-scene, they are all well acted and generally good. It also play’s very much like Ravensofts other Geekout game, Marvel Ultimate Alliance. The game also lasts a long time, it’s a good 12-20 hours of gameplay plus you have the hard mode after it unlocked.

So what’s bad about it? Well the enemies are a bit samey, a couple of them are just re-skins. When playing it I have encountered some bugs (a classic fall through the world one and one where I was stuck in a wall) but thankfully there is a “restart from last checkpoint” option in the menu.

Other than that, spot on, great gameplay, great fun A worthy movie tie-in game, that actually is not a tie-in

On the Moh’s hardness scale it’s a Solid Corundum (not sure where Adamantium fits on this scale)

Luv n Hugs,



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    No nude cheat?

  2. Rob_is_gay18:13

    Whats going on, was that an actual review?


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