We need an ability to project the Penis in to other rooms!

So yeah Project: Natal? We all know and realise it is a glorified Wiimote (but better). But it must have some use in that moral grey area dividing sex and games, here are a couple of suggestions.

1. Interactive Web chat.
Webcams all over the world are currently being used to allow wannabe pornstars work from home, and using the conduit of the internet project themseves naked into the bedrooms of curious teenagers who stole their parents credit card. So why not apply this to Natal, allowing gamer chicks to make some cash to fund their habbit. Hell I can see in the near future a website of gamer chicks avatars showing who is online and you just buy their gamertag. So where does Natal play into this? Well from those of you that saw the Natal preview you'll have seen that there were two burds discussing what outfit to wear and projecting it on them. Cue the frenchmaid, dominatrix and Jill Valentine outfits... But how will this funtion from the fappers point of view? Well ideally you need a game, something that will count your strokes per minute, maximum speed, hand switches, timing, and distance.

2. Multiplayer Ratings.
This does not need to be entirely limited to sad lonely people sitting in front of their 360 sitting next to their collector edition boxsets, painstakingly arranged to look like a "girl". Hell no! Since Natal can identify multiple persons, what's wrong with a 2 (or more) player game which can "script" the activities, changing positions, state tempo... oh man! the possibilities are endless...

Oh and the achievements!

You got her right between the eyes!

The more the merrier.

You got the Natal Cam involved.

The 'achievement blip' got you there.

Never mind online competitive multiplayer, leaderboards and perhaps you can unlock some interesting new outfits for your Avatars?

Remember you heard it here first...

Thatguys Baby!!!

Anal massages,



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