Heavy Rain

Hot on the heels of E3, there are a couple of Heavy Rain trailers up on the PS3 network. I've seen em both.

One of them is your typical trailer packed with mysterious sound bites, action sequences and a quite impressive looking dance floor. The other is a demonstration of how the game will play.

Now, we were fans of Fahrenheit for the first hour until Monster Syndrome kicked in. Then we weren't fans. Then we were fans for the dead man sexing bit. Then we weren't fans again.

Heavy Rain does look good but the demonstration showing a rather plaid looking woman going into the bogs to sex herself up a bit did leave us feeling. Well. A bit cold.
The idea of the demo is that she has to sex herself up a bit to, I dunno, sex a dead man or something. So she enters the toilets and then looks into the mirror. At this point a bunch of arrows pop up around her hair, face, tits and cooch and the player has to help her get slutified through a bunch of analog stick movements. So selecting the bag makes her get out her lipstick. A SF fireball on the stick makes her apply it to her bottom lip. An inverse fireball on her top lip. Then with some mascara. Then more prompts to make her unbutton her top, rip her skirt a bit and mess her hair up a bit.
Sure, it looks like a good idea but is it really neccessary? If you are too heavy handed will she smear the lipstick all over her face? Or just tear her whole skirt off? How is following all these prompts any better than say, 'pressing X to sexify'? It's forced interactivity for it's own sake rather than being better gameplay or adding anything to the experience? Which kinda summed up most of E3 actually...


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