Dead Fantasy IV, V and VI

We're fans here of the one man project which despite being an overwhelmingly fan pleasing endeavour and entirely violence oriented manages to put most modern games and the whole of Hollywood to shame including blockbuster movies featuring transforming robots with million dollar budgets and fight scenes which are made by putting a kettle, two forks and a sieve into a washing machine, setting it on spin and filming it.

This one guy, with less time, staff, money, technology and cocaine does better. By a million. I would happily pay full price for Dead Fantasy I-V on DVD than Resident Evil Shitgeneration, those awful other Resident Evil Films and Advent Children put together.

And who needs a storyline? Buy a fucking book if you want stories. Pricks.

Anyway Dead Fantasy IV, V and VI are kinda up on the net. But we're not going to post a link here until Monty Oum himself uploads the full versions any day now....


  1. dr wo20:05

    my fantasy involves dead... ....

  2. Anonymous17:08

    please when is the DF VI coming out... email me please

  3. Wow. There are 17 other

    Who would have thunk it?

  4. He surely is a god.... Long live Dead Fantasy......

  5. Anonymous02:28

    i admit it, dead fantasy is so fuckig great, i was like a fool ssearching for dead fantasy VI for hours, til i knew it wasn't realeased yet. but dude, to call resident evil awful, the two last ones weren't 2 great but the first two are incredible. And calling advent childrent awful... how can a guy with no taste for japanese culture(advent children awfull wtf???) be permited to even see dead fantasy, damn it...

  6. Advent Children is awful.

    Admit it, you can happily skip 80% of that film and not miss anything.


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