The (almost) a year that was. 2008

It is nearly the end of 2008. Which means it is nearly time for all the vidjogame blogs to start posting "top 100"s and retrospectives of the year.

Here at the laughable TGAM we make no exception and are virtually thrilled to review the trash we put out throughout the year.

January 2008.
No. No. I just can't be bothered. There's too much to look at and it wasn't that great to start with. New initiative. Here are some of the best and worst bits of TGAM this year.

Best Bits.
Probably the Hotel Dusk review if I was being not very modest.
The Front magazine interview and photos continues to generate 98% of our traffic and visitors stay for just under 18 seconds presumably before clearing the search history and logging off.

Worst Bits.
The ten days of Dante-mas which to be fair we did bother to finish but perhaps ten days was too long. No, it was too short, we did eleven days of Dante-mas. Yeah, eleven days was too long and the game wasn't even that great.
Way too much reactive ranting about stuff we can't even remember now.
'Jokes' which would have been considered not very funny even when they were 10 years more topical from the 90s was an early theme and perhaps the best material of the year.

No. I just can't even face doing this even. It's too depressing.

Look you all came here to see Soul Calibur XXX and CG tits so here they are. Expect some kind of ironic but deadly serious Game of the year, early next year and maybe we'll finish that top 50. We might get Omastar to put in an appearence. Other than that it'll be tl;dr rants, awful typos (I spelled Animal wrong in the last post FFS), maybe some reviews of dildonics, the occassional image of Marvin the RPD cop as Will Smith, some weak PC vs console posts and if you are very lucky SPOILER [Nope, actually no spoiler here I just ran out of insp]

In the meantime try not to kill each other and have a good Christmas.


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