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We're thinking of doing a big 2008 retrospective because we are lazy, like to recycle content and love to use any opportunity to show off our unforced 'whacky' comradorie?, comradory?, comodorarody? and witty office banter.

So I've been going through the archives, pulling together bits for this epic post about what we did this year, shifting computers every time I finish checking through a month in order to up our unique visitors. Whilst doing so I found this piece where we managed to stay focussed enough to ask our future selves some questions.

Now it is the future and I will answer our pastselves' questions for my own pleasure.

1. Did all the above games come out in 2008 (Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 5, Silent Hill 5, Super Smash Brothers Brawl and TGAM: The game based on the blog based on the games that influence our lives.)?
Yes, Not yet, yes, yes and no. After seeing the shitty Penny Arcade game TGAMTGBOTBBOTGTIOL got shelved.

2. Were they good?
Yes, don't know, ish, hell yes, N/A.

3. What were the surprise releases of 2008?
Megaman 9 was a bit of a surprise. The least surprising releases were probably Little Big Planet which, if you are a follower of blogs, was so over exposed you felt like you'd played it, discussed it and got bored of it before it was even out. We are surprised that Killzone 2 still isn't out and Home is kinda out but not really despite being on of the Top 10 gadgets of the year according to Time magazine. In fact this was probably the year of least surprise as publishers paid through the nose to hype and advertise shit before it was even finished.
Perhaps the true genuine surprise this year was that Microsoft so brazenly copied the idea of Miis and got away with it.
If we were truly hilarious individuals we would have just answered this question with Fifa 09 and been done with it. Unfortunately, we can only aspire to Gamespot-esque levels of humour.

4. Is Richie still playing WoW?Hard to say. Our one avid reader may have spotted that Richie hasn't really contributed to the blog since before September. So probably yes then but no one really knows for sure.

5. Is there yet another expansion for it?
Yes which might be the cause of above.

6. Did the Wii’s sell out again this Xmas?Looks like it, who would have thought. Well past us clearly.

7. Is the Wii any good yet?
Totally depends on which console you are a fanboy of. I reckon this year both the Xbox 360 and the Wii have had a good run of it and both are worth owning if you are truly a discriminating gamer. Although the Wii doesn't have the sheer number of games the 360 does, they do tend to either be classics or shovelware. The 360 has a fuller spectrum of quality from classics through mediocre to crap. But if you like No More Heroes, Mario Kart, World of Goo, Super Smash Brothers, De Blob, Okami (cheating), Warioland, Chocobo Dungeon and boomblox then yes, in the UK at least 2008 has made the Wii good.

8. Is the PS3 still shit?Yeah totally. Such an awful year and so many hopes dashed as PS3 exclusives went multiplatform, weren't noticebly different to 360 versions, delayed, slagged off as difficult to develop for or just plain ol' cancelled. Just look at this gamespot top 2008 PS3 games list. Take out the multiplatform releases and there is nothing worth forking out for a PS3 for. Truly sad times.

9. Does TGAM still exist?
Barely. Posts are just juvenile rants or copied from other sites. Richie doesn't chip in anymore, we lost our only full time troll and the spelling and punctuation has gotten worse if anything. But technically we're still here so yeah, woot us.
10. Does Cunzy own any next-gen machine (or powerful PC) yet?
Maybe depends if you include the Wii as 'next-gen'.
So there we have it past selves. Happy now? Here's some questions for our future future selves.
1) Did Killzone 2 come out yet?
2) What new element, colour or precious stone will the next pokemon games be? Where do you go after platinum? Maybe radioactive elements? Or poisons? Pokemon Antimony would be pretty sweet.
3) Was Home any good?
4) Did it save the PS3?
5) Has 'next-gen' managed to expunge any of the following from games yet: Crates, Barrels, indestructible scenery, childish or cliched storytelling, bullshots, too much hype, dodgy AI, lies about different storyline/morality system, too many wii peripherals, lava, ice and water levels, lense flare, bloom, FPSs set in linear corridors, boring tutorials, unskippable cut scenes, online abuse, PC gaming frustration, annoying cameras, boring MMORPGs? Or is it still all about the graphics looking nice but sticking to 1990s game design.
6) Did the gaming magazines finally go under?
7) Did everyone realise that Metal Gear Solid 4 was a bit silly really?
8) Was Resident Evil 5 really racist?
9) Did LBP finally sell well?
10) Is there still a TGAM/habitable planet?


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