360 Miis

Over the weekend we had a hands on (this time) with the Xbox 360 Mii creator. Unlike Spore, the system is unbelievably flexible for avatar creation and this application is a great way to pretend you have a Wii without so much as spending a penny! We made this as our first avatar:

See how easy it is! Then we got creative and made this one:

Ha ha har! All our British Xbox friends are gonna laugh so hard when they see this on the 360 version of Home when it comes out (due out November 2009)! Unfortunately due to video games and television stunting our imagination we literally couldn't think of another avatar to make that wasn't already a videogame character. We tried to make mario but around the time we got to adding the tits the microsoft execs looked at us and shook their heads very slowly.

In summary then, this could be the tool to bring the Xbox 360 out of the stinky underground and to the masses. I'm not too sure how much we are allowed to say about another exciting development we saw whilst we were at Xbox HQ but I think we're okay to say "Xbox360-motion-sensing-Xmote". I can say that right? Well you read it here first. I can't wait for Halo Galaxy to come out! It is going to rawk!

Noogins and nooch!


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