Series of games that need to stop

With the recent """excitement""" around Megaman 9, thatguys would formally like to register a list of series that should just stop. In the alleged billion dollar game industry it is time to reallocate some of the money from employing people to 'make shit shiny' and 'copy what Halo did' to coming up with some new IP. That's right Nintendo, I'm looking at you!

Series that should have stopped a long time ago:

Megaman- Lets be fair, everyone since the first one has been the same. Come on Capcom.

Zelda- Ditto

Metroid- Yuh huh

Pokemon- Same

Halo- Lets just hope that three was the last remake of one.

Resident Evil- See above.

Tomb Raider- Should have left it after the first one.

C&C, Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo- All four of these games haven't changed in over twenty seven years.

Every Mario game- If you have a SNES that still works there has been pretty much no reason to buy a new Nintendo console.

Fallout- Seriously. WTF.

Earthbound/Mother. Come on now.


  1. Anonymous00:05

    yes medals of honour is aanother game series that has grown long in the tooth killing other races is cool though and dogs and slitty eyes

  2. Anonymous08:36

    I would like to see you retire RiChunzie. Your pedantic writings are just tired and lame, and as is your Ginger Wizards hair cut.
    You fool nobody with your attempts at 'knowledge'.
    We are not amused.


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