Heavy Rain the paper cut killer

There is hype abound fellow sailors. Hypery and balderdashery truth be told! It surrounds a game called Heavy Rain: The Metro killer. Many of you will have seen The Casting, a full motion video used to show the full body and facial motion capture techniques used to show the full range of emotions that most games still struggle to show. Emotions like "crying" and "angry crying" and "crying because you didn't put the bin out again".

Many of you may know that this game will be the next game from David "shagged a dead guy" Cage, the previous game was Fahrenheit and it involved a woman who shagged a dead guy. What The Casting and previous press releases fail to tell you about this new game is that there will not be any shagging of dead guys in this game. We phoned David Cage to ask him why this wasn't mentioned in any preview we saw and why would he make a game without necrophilia in it:

David: 02 5589, David Cage speaking.
TGAM: You bastard.
David: Hello?
TGAM: We know where you live "Dave"
David: Oh, not you guys again!
TGAM: Gay! [We hung up after that, TGAM 1-David Cage 0]

Richie: Hey we are the first blog to mention Heavy Rain and not use the words "Uncanny Valley"
Richie: Dammit...

Luv n hugs

Cunzy + 1


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