OK, We leave...

Well this is a different post to any other that I have written here. You may have noticed that since our one year birthday we haven't made any posts. That is because Richie doesn't make posts and well because I... I don't know how to say this.... but I. I'm going to leave the blog.

My reasons? Well for the last time. It's time for a list:

1) As one of the only women writing on the interwebs about games I have faced nothing but persecution from people. One commentor said "You make me feel sterile". As a women and I blogger I could clearly translate this L337 as "You are sterile". Now I can take jiggery-pokery like the next person but when people make assumptions about my reproductive system and it's functionality then I say No! You can't tell me that. It's my ovaries and uterus and nothing but a spot of untimely blood or a doctor is going to tell me about them.

2) I'm happy in "real life" so I don't need a blog to keep whinging and whining about the injustice inherent to the system. I have a loving cat and 4 bottles of Gin. I'm totally leaving because I am so happy with my life and not because I don't have anything to say and everyone else is doing a better job of saying it. At all. That's not the issue I 'm just really happy. On my own. Frigging myself off to Trisha whilst sobbing into my Irish Tea at 10 in the morning. Just super happy...........

3) Everyone on the internet is a nerd anyway. Goodbye nerds

So this is goodbye. I might come back here every day whilst holding down F5 to see if my dramatic statement drums up anymore readers. But I probably won't. I just want to say thank you to everyone who have left such wonderful messages. I'm just so super happy in real life though. Goodbye Homophobes x


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    Hey nice video. What song is this?


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