Position Vacant, Guest writers requested.

Position - Guest Writer

We at thatguys.co.uk are currently recruiting new and original talent to "Audition" for the post of thatguys.co.uk contributer.

Job Description
The role is vaired but mostly involves ranting in written form. Where possible, throw in Video game, Resident evil, anime, Final Fantasy, and sexual references.

Skills Required
- Semi-literate in English.

- Strong background in Resident Evil.
- Hatred for gamer blogs.
- No concept of teamwork.

June 6th 2007 onwards

Position Based In
Front of your PC

Pay Rate

Please mail an article with subject of your choosing to richie@thatguys.co.uk. Articles can range from 1 - 5,000 words, pictures are optional. The favoured articles will be printed and will go down in Thayguys history for all to remeber.

Note: Dependant on quality. Certain candidates may be requested to join thatguys.co.uk as a Contributor


  1. Anonymous12:40

    Computer Games + Gay = Homophobe


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