That Guy's A Maniac Award- November

In our long running but not very consistently written "That Guy's a Mania" series we have nominated many a maniac, you may remember good ol' Xzin or Brice Mallen . True maniacs both, in their own seperate ways. But now after a 3 month hiatus we bring you November's Maniac of the Month: Isaiah "Triforce" Johnson Not only is New-Yorker Isaiah a maniac because his middle name is "Triforce" but he is one of a number of maniac gamers taking to the streets in order to be the first in line for the new consoles. What makes I."T".J so mad mental? He has been queuing for a week for a Wii (story picked up here by the Beeb). ""I had to get it first," said the 29-year-old, who shook hands with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime after buying the console. " And he got to meet long time Maniac and Dear friend of ours big Reggie sans-amies! Queuing for a week has some serious implications like Urination issues, fo


Front page of the Times this morning-web version here and an alternative one here . Basically, some EC nobs, bored of trying to save real people have decided to save the children by protecting them from the boringly average Rule of Rose . "Frattini said he been particularly shocked a new psychological horror game, Japanese-designed 'Rule of Rose' for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 2 console. In the game, a young girl, Jennifer, is subjected to mental and physical torture by a gang of sadistic female teenagers, whose ringleader also turns lesbian attentions on the hapless Jennifer before she is buried alive" Well thanks Mr. Frattini for saving the children now where the fuck were you when we had to endure Sherry Birkin getting mauled by zombies, Edwina and Dedwina getting shot in the face or Cheryl getting bound and gagged in the disturbing Silent Hill? Why didn't you protect us from all of these sick Hentai games (thanks again to Something Huh?


Wahey! The internets need more images of hawt, yet alternative girlz and MVG is happy to oblige. It's yet another Miss Video Game! picked up by one of our subsidiary sites UK:R And in true UK:Resistance style: Would , Might in a pinch , Wouldn't , Clearly just would , Wouldn't , Wouldn't , Go on then , Would and Would , Wouldn't , Wouldn't , Dude , Wouldn't , Totally , Would , Would , Would at a push , A high chance yeah , Richie would , Would , Richie would twice , Would , Yeah , Would in a year so I don't feel too bad , Go on then cheeky , Yeah, peasent chic , Would , Already did , Wouldn't , Would , Would , Wouldn't , Would , Would , Would , Would NOT , Would lefty not righty , Would more than once , Cheat , Would if she stopped lying about her age , Would if she didn't smile , Ummm yeah OK then , She is actually 8 , Wouldn't , Wouldn't , Wouldn't , Would frequently , Would , Would because she was so methodical about listin

DS Download Play

So it's nearly time to say goodbye to the DS because it seems that Nintendo has had enough of Europe again. Old film tie-in, Fox tie-in, Warner Bros tie-in, Dreamworks tie-in, SpongeBob Squarepants, Urban GT and a title that should have been out ages ago. So it's time to look back on some of the good things the DS brought us, starting with download play. A majority of DS games have both single cart and multicart download play with rare exception (Resident Evil DS, I'm looking at you) which is cool because two+ mates with 4 games each could play 8 different games and because of the wireless there was no need to keep digging out cables. It meant that with one DS you also have four different ways of playing; single player, single cart multiplayer, multicart multiplayer and Wi-Fi. The interconnectivity stuff that the playstation has failed at (link up PS2 anyone?) and which made the GBA so attractive. The downside is that for some reason, in Europe at least, you never really

WoW the Aftermath

So as I’m sure we are all aware, World Of Warcraft is a “game” made by a Company called Blizzard. Some of you may or may not know but blizzard also had on the books another game called Starcraft: Ghost . A Third Person Shooter based in the Starcraft Universe, but this was canned a few months ago. It was to be the first real venture for Blizzard on the console market. Now the reason for it being cancelled was never truly apparent, but what’s been plaguing me recently is whether or not Blizzard are even bothered to bring out any other games after WoW, as it’s a constant stream of money for them. Blizzard have an amazing track record for creating games of an outstanding quality Diablo Series, Starcraft and of course Warcraft. All of which score in the high percentile. I think it may be safe to assume that Starcraft ghost was not a very good game, as it kept getting reworked and release dates were pushed, and as such Blizzard were reluctant to release it. So, what happens now? World


Yeah yeah, multimedia, online, interconnectivity, lifestyle and gaming that's all great but the gamers didn't ask for it. The single most obvious leap for the next gen hasn't been made yet. It's obvious, you don't need market research and you certainly shouldn't be getting told by such a high profile games site as That Guy's a Maniac that's for sure. MORE FRICKIN DINOSAURS!! Yeah more, bigger, shinier, HD dinosaurs What are you waiting for? Coincidentally, does anyone know of any dinosaurs in Xbox 360 games? Does anyone know of any next-gen dinosaurs? IF NOT THEN THAT MEANS THERE ARE ACTUALLY NO NEXT GEN DINOSAURS. Come on guys get in the record books by being the first NEXT GEN DINOSAUR GAME. and I mean real fake dinosaurs not fake fake dinosaurs like Yoshi, Bub or Bob.

New Resident Evil Spin off!

Great news every one! There’s a new Resident Evil spin-off game, and guess what its not a pissy Outbreak, Survivor, Gameboy or mobile version! It’s coming out this Friday (17/11/2006). It features a character never seen in officially in the Resident Evil universe and features a fantastic, multi-developer, multi-platform, cross-involvement back-story, here’s a snippet of what we have managed to get of the plot (Warning Spoilers): The main character is Jill valentine’s half Brother, Vincent. Vincent was kidnapped after the events of the first Resident Evil, from the perspective of the Gamecube version. Vincent is captured by Umbrella and is experimented upon. However it turns out Vincent has a very individual genetic make-up which makes him resistant to a variety of strains of T-Virus and G-Virus. Vincent was kept locked up several years but still remained almost immune to all the artificially created Umbrella viruses, such as the V-Virus, Z-Virus R1-Virus. Until they finally hit up