The Art of... Pokémon TCG Fusion Strike

 We've mentioned before our love of the effort that goes into the artwork of Pokémon trading card game umm trading cards. Last time around we had a look at Chilling Reign but we're back for a spot of art judging for the whopping set Fusion Strike. As the name of the set hints to, Fusion Strike adds to the rapid and single strike gimmick introduced in the Battle Styles set by adding a third 'battle style' attribute that some cards have as well as adding more rapid strike and single strike pokémon cards and trainer cards. But we ain't interested in that are we? We're here for the pretty pictures. 


Unlike the video games, in the TCG, all pokémon are equal. That is, if they have a card, someone's got to go to the effort of making some card art for it. Sadly the Slugma-Magcargo line had to sit on the sidelines for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield but makes a joyful return in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. We love this card art by artist olumami of a heroic Slugma doing a bit of wistful destiny posing in the scorching sands.


Another Tomokazu Komiya special. Croconaw is on the LSD again. I mean what the fuck is going on in this picture? The voltorb and pyukumuku cards in this set are also illustrated by Komiya and worth a look at. 


Hell yeah, we're here for some pop art TCG cards! Both Helioptile and Heliolisk have featured on TCG cards before doing funny frill shenanigans but this card's mix of comic print and style and the flat colour on the basking Helioptile make it a really striking card. That is of course, before you cover it up with the evolution card. Scratch that, having looked at the rules for these, nobody will ever actually play them. Oh well. They'll look nice inside collector's binders at least. The artist here is Mina Nokai.


The main reason we're including Sandygast in this set's round up is because this happy little chappy is surrounded by several canon-breaking items in the form of various mollusc shells and a fragment of coral. Do scallops and Shellder co-exist? Are there non-pokémon animals that hunt and eat pokémon? Unless these shells are the remains from hitehrto undiscovered pokémon. In which case, good job Sandygast, you'd make a fine pokémon professor one day. 

Genesect V 

As I mentioned above, there were a boatload of cards in this set so picking just five was quite the challenge. For some strange reason, Smeargle gets a lot of love in cards this set appearing in the background of the alt-full art Mew V card, in its own awesome card and there's a Meowth and Mawile card which tell a little story about who's following who on the trail of a Smeargle. However, the best card that also features and Smeargle in this set is the Genesect V alt-full art. Just look at how stupid this rare card is. But it's good to see Genesect taking a load off in between all the Mewtwo-esque existential angst. 

Well that's all we've time for this time around art lovers! I was tempted to do one of these for Celebrations but couldn't get my grubby hands on any could I? So out of spite I skipped it. 

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