Nine Gods In My Pocket

Trainer, you need to help us! Team Galactic have succeeded in creating the red chain and have summoned the legendary temporal pokemon. Its power over time is tearing Sinnoh apart! Can anyone stop the... oh. You have... wow, okay you have team of Dialga. Huh. Maybe the legends were wrong. What! You also have Arceus, the alpha pokemon and god of all creation! Three of them! Wait. Is that six Celebi? Oh okay. Well Team Galactic's pretty fucked in that case. And err, yeah, that um, that um kinda puts paid to all of our myths and legends in our cultural history. Didn't you start your pokemon journey like, last week or something? And you've beaten the Elite Four? You've beaten every Elite Four? Listen, kid, I mean, with that power... I meant no disrespect... your Highness. Please, I have a family. Just, forget I ever said anything. You like this watch, here, take it. And my house. Just please don't destroy existence.


We've convened this once in a generation All Region Committee because we face the gravest threat to our world that we've ever seen. It's worse than Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Galactic and the Ultra Wormhole threats put together. We have numerous reports of a child travelling through the Sinnoh region who controls more power than it's safe for one person, let alone a child, to wield. So far, they've shown themselves to be kinda helpful and they saved time as we know it but it's too much of a risk to let this walking God Queen Child to just wander around. They could unravel the very fabric of existence then go back in time and do it all again. If they, unleashed their power on the world, there's nothing we could do to stop them. They've defeated the strongest of our champions. Which is why we're holding this vote. All in favour of a covert assassination of this existence ending child please say aye. 

It's decided. 

We kill the child. We can't mess this up. If they even catch wind of what we're plotting it could mean the end of everything. 



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