Fashion in Outlands with Acanawupas!

So I have been delving deep into the WoW Classic expansion "The Burning Crusade" And have been picking up some delightful outfits to share with our readers <3

First up we have the Spellfire set, a unique number for Warlocks, shying away from the shadow side of things and instead focusing on setting the world alight with fire!

Next up we have the T4 set "Voidheart" modeled somewhat after the voidwalkers,  very cool effect with darkness swirling and pink lightning crackling from the shoulders! 

Next up T5 or the "Corruptor" set, Iconic spikey shoulders, skulls and chains, a very "bucket-list" collection of items from TBC! 

Along with these sets I have been grabbing some more "must-have" grindy items of TBC:

the Cenarion Hippogryph - 

The Nether ray - 

I'll be back for an update on T6 the Maleficent set!

Love and Hugs,



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